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With summer approaching, the gyms are getting busier. I guess many people are eager to get in shape for the summer or they are finally getting into the gym to shed those few extra pounds to look good for summer. It's too bad that many people take this approach to exercise. It's like exercising from the beginning again.

I feel that you should exercise all year round. Of course there are times you will miss a day or a few days during the year, but that's O.K. Your body does need, requires a break from time to time. My personal approach to exercise is all year old. The few days or the odd week that I miss during the year allows me with a break for my body and mind and it really doesn't affect my future workouts in a negative way. If anything, I feel a little refreshed, more focused and stronger the next time I work out. I've been exercising with weights for a long time so that I have muscle memory - meaning, my muscles remember when I undertake to lift or pull a certain amount of weight.

Most of the year I work out 3 times per week ranging from 1.5 to 2 hours per session. During the fall and winter months, I exercise fairly heavily, but not at maximum levels. During these seasons I'm just looking to maintain and/or slowly increase my stregnth, maintain muscle definition and gain back a little bulk lost during the summer. With the approach of spring, I start to exercise more heavily. During this period I start to increase muscle mass and get better muscle definition. During the summer, I still work out fairly heavily. Usually 1 to 3 times per week in the gym with weights and incorporate rollerblading into my routine. During the summer I tend to lose a little muscle mass, but my stregnth and muscle definition remain.

This is just a summarization of my weight training that I do during the year. My next few discussions will focus more on my actual workouts in more of a personal diary blog entry.

Posted on: Tuesday April 1, 2008

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