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Advertising Options:

Banner and Contextual Ads and Text Ads Advertising Information:

Your website's banner, table ad or contextual ad or text ad is placed at the top, middle or bottom of a web page (depending on your preference and space availability). I have monthly, 6 month and 12 month advertising options and rates and your ads can appear on any website page that you choose. Yearly advertising comes with discounts. All payments can be made using PayPal.

Banner or Text  or Contextual Ad Advertising Ordering Steps

1. Decide upon your advertising option

2. Banner can be any size although odd-sized banners must be reasonable in size.

3. Email me your text ad or banner for approval.

4. Once I approve your advertising banner and website url,  I wil notify you that your ad has been added - uploaded and live on my website. You can then proceed with your payment via PayPal using the email address shown above #3.

Option 1:
Home Page Advertising
Price: $40.00 monthly
$180 for 6 months
$300 for 12 months

Option 2:
Advertising on any other page
example pages - Exercises, Articles, Specific Article

Price: $15.00 monthly
$70 for 6 months
$100 for 12 months

EBook Advertising Options:

- Monthy Ebook advertising
- Decide upon your advertising option 
- Email me the following information for approval purposes:

Choose Option: 3 or 4 and email ebook info and URL to:

Option 3
Add your Ebook to
for $40 per month on Home page

Option 4
All other pages for $15 per month

Articles Advertising: Option 5

Price to submit a permanent article is $60.00 (a one-time fee)

Here is what you receive:
1. Article remains for years, forever on my website so that it benefits from many years and various sources of traffic. My website has been online since June 2000, so if you had an article on my website for 10 years, that's only $6 per year.
2. Your article page will be free of my advertising. See these examples:
3.  Article will be added to my Articles Directory page and RSS Feed on a permanent basis.
4. I will also add it to my main (home) page for 6 months.
5.  Your article will be promoted via social media.
6. Since I have Google Site Search on all my web pages, your article can be easily  found on my website via your keywords or article title.
7. With article advertising, you have more freedom as to the content and images that appear in your article (of course within reason and subject to my discretion).
8. Article images accepted.
9. 1 - 3 website urls per article are acceptable.

10. Any questions about article advertising or to submit your article, please inquire at:


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