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Shred It with Weights from Jillian Michaels
Exercise DVD Review

With Christmas and the holidays almost here, the gyms tend to be emptier than usual during the month of December. It seems that most people either take the time off from exercise or don’t feel that exercise is necessary at this time of year. I decided to watch a few fitness DVDs and do a few reviews to give you or suggest to you alternative and more varied workouts for the new year. One DVD that I watched was Shred-It With Weights from Jillian Michaels.

Briefly, she provides you with workouts on this DVD that combine strength training with cardio to get a complete and full-body workout. They are high intensity workouts that will build strength, definition and at the same time, help you to lose weight. Her workouts are primarily focused on using kettlebells but you can all use dumbbells. She goes into detail about how to work out with kettlebells, the proper technique to use them and how to adjust your workout to suit your fitness level. She explains that “form is everything” when using a kettlebell and the reasons why – injury prevention and without proper form, you will not be able to lift the kettlebell and the importance of breathing. She explains what parts of the body that each exercise involves. These workouts can also be done at home or at the gym.

Many women may feel hesitant about using kettlebells, but simultaneously combining strength training with a cardio workout will provide you with a higher intensity and more effective workout with better results in a shorter period of time. You are basically working out many different parts of the body and especially the core during each exercise. Also you can take each exercise and incorporate it into your existing workout routine or modify your existing exercises.

On her DVD she divides her workouts into 2 levels but in each level she has one girl doing a beginner version using dumbbells and another girl, Bashira, doing the advanced version of the workout with kettlebells. At each level she’ll start with warm-ups and fairly easy exercises that get harder as the workout progresses and ending with a cool-down and stretches. Each workout is also done in a series of exercise circuits.

Before beginning each workout, I suggest that you watch the section on “Kettlebells” where she goes into detail about how to hold, lift and use the equipment.

Some of the exercises on this DVD that I like:

Bridge pose with press
Deadlift rows – for upper body and core
Rack, squat and press
Squat swing with press
Ab crunch with chest press

Overall I thought that this is an excellent DVD providing an alternative type of workout with lots of different and varied exercises all very well-explained and demonstrated by Jillian Michaels.

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