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Divergent Lat Pulldown on Matrix Machine

I had some free time to spare and a free guest pass to a new LA Fitness gym in Toronto, so I decided to check out the gym. Once in a while, it's good to check out other gyms to see what type of gym equipment they have and to experience their atmosphere.

I came across this Divergent Lat Pulldown machine from Matrix. Most new or most recent strength training equipment often tend not to be as good as older equipment. Newer is not necessarily better when it comes to fitness, but this piece of gym equipment I found to be quite good. It’s rather unique and different, worth doing once in a while to add a little variation to your strength training workout and to work your muscles a little differently. With this lat machine, The handles tend to diverge away from you, much wider to your sides, as you pull down.

I took this selfie video of this exercise. It’s good once in a while to take a selfie video when you don’t have mirrors present to check out how you are doing the exercise (especially with new equipment), look at your exercise form and make any adjustments to get more out of the exercise.

How to do this exercise:

Pull down the handles to a comfortable starting position as the handles are fairly high up, with palms facing forwards.

Pull down as far as you comfortably can with your shoulders back. As you pull down, the handles will diverge to a wider extent than with the traditional pulldown.

Release and return to the starting position. I like to go a little higher up to get more of a stretch of the lats.

Breathe out as you pull down and breathe in as you release.

Do about 4-5 sets of 12 repetitions.

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