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by James Orvis

Book Review by  Shirley Roe, AllBooks Rreview

This 12- week program is designed to increase lean muscle tissue and burn fat.

The book is laid out in weekly workouts increasing the number of sets over a chosen time. It includes charts for the reader to document their own progress as they work through the book. Little anecdotes of inspiration are sprinkled throughout.

In order to gain some insight from fitness professionals, this reviewer passed the two-volume set on to two people in the industry. The following are their comments.

Laura Hodge, Fitness Instructor Specialist had these comments after reading the books. "It would be my suggestion that the author include more cardio in order to promote fat burning. The program is well laid out however there is no reference to page numbers for the specific exercises making it less convenient to use than it could be."

James Krywan, Personal Trainer stated "I feel this book is geared more to beginners and amateur athletes due to its simple non-technical nature. Professionals would like to see more reference to muscle anatomy and the use of proper terms i.e. pectoralis major rather than chest."

On the whole both experts felt that this was a well written, well thought out program for weight training workouts for the general public.

Author James Orvis is a certified personal trainer. He has used his personal experience with clients in health clubs, corporations and private training sessions to design his system for maximum results.

You can purchase volume 1 here and volume 2 here.

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