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5 Reasons to Use Creatine Supplements

There are so many different supplements available for bodybuilding or just to aid your gym workouts. But, how do you know which one is the right supplement for you? With so much choice on the market, finding the correct supplement to help you with your fitness plan can be somewhat baffling.

One of the most trusted supplements is, without a doubt, the popular creatine supplement. It’s a favourite amongst bodybuilders, health enthusiasts, runners, sportsmen and gym bunnies. But what makes it such a great choice for your fitness regime?

 Micronized Creatine supplement powder from Muscletech

Here are 5 reasons why creatine supplements
 Take a look at why creatine could help to boost your workouts at the gym:
  1. Improve your workout intensity – if you want to improve the intensity of your workout, creatine is a great choice. Creatine supplements are taken to help people push harder and go for longer at the gym and this eventually helps to build muscle much faster.  So if you feel that you are struggling to maintain strength and volume during your workouts, you will find creatine hugely beneficial.
  2. Builds muscle faster – creatine increases the intensity of your workout by giving you more power so that you can build muscle a lot faster. If you struggle to push through an intense workout, creatine can help you push boundaries when you would ordinarily stop.
  3. Improve sports performance – if you play a team sport or you are a professional athlete, you will get a lot of benefits from taking creatine supplements due to the ability to push harder. Increased intensity will give you a much improved athletic performance.
  4. Higher frequency – being able to train at a higher frequency also improves the speed of your muscle gain and creatine is ideal for just that. The higher frequency of workouts, the faster your muscles will grow and this will help you boost strength, muscle size and of course, the speed of the growth.
  5. Improved metabolic rates – not only is creatine beneficial for muscle growth but it’s also something that can help you with weight loss. Whether you are trying to lose weight and slim down or you want to lose the fat and turn it into muscle, creatine can give you a boost by increasing your metabolic rate. Creatine supplements can help increase your body’s metabolism, helping you burn calories and fat at an improved rate.

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