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Prevention Best Cure for Heart Disease

Heart disease is the number 1 way for many people to die worldwide and prevention is the best cure. It’s a disease that the medical community takes very seriously and devotes a lot of research, time, care and follow-up to. The disease itself worsens over many years, but it can bring sudden and tragic results. Now I am no expert on heart disease, but I have seen firsthand how this terrible disease can affect a person having it and on the immediate family members.

For those people who experience heart disease and live through their first heart attack, they must then remain on many medications, be careful with any physical activities and of course the future possibility of a heart attack always will exist. Unfortunately surgeons cannot fix every problem with the arteries after a heart attack or near heart attack because of the risk involved. They remedy the most critical problems. Therefore, it’s really important for these people after a heart attack to modify their lifestyle by eating healthy.

As I have mentioned, heart disease can have a very negative and debilitating impact on a person’s life and on their immediate family. Nobody wants to be sick. There are ways that one can reduce the chance of ever having a heart disease. Of course, nothing in life is guaranteed to work i.e., never getting a heart attack, but whatever steps you take now that leads to a more healthy you, it will pay off dividends for you in the future.

Here are some of my thoughts on how a person can prevent heart disease:


The human body through evolution or whatever belief you may have exists in its present form because we were meant to lead active lifestyles and not sedentary lifestyles in front of computers and video games. Our bodies were meant to be moving around and doing physical activities but technology and society has changed the way we live and made many people more sedentary. To get around this, it’s necessary to take part in some form of exercise or at least some exercise or physical activity at least three times per week.

Children should be encouraged to exercise from an early age because then it becomes part of their lives and something they will enjoy. Children should be involved in exercise at least 1 hour per day. Right now childhood obesity is becoming a problem.

If you haven’t exercised for many years or you want to begin an exercise program, it’s best to start off slow or one should seek the help of a

fitness professional. There is not need to rush into anything. With time and patience you will reach you weight loss and fitness goals. Studies have also shown over time that people who have never exercised or rarely exercise and they rush into any physical activity can endanger their health. By progressing slowly your body with get used to the exercise and over time you will get stronger and feel healthier.


Eating healthy is something everyone should know and everyone has been told this time-and-time again but it is a key to living healthy. Try to avoid foods high in cholesterol and avoid consuming too much salt. Really simple advice but people still consume too much fatty foods and foods high in sodium. Fortunately, food companies are starting to make healthy changes with respect to the food they produce for our store shelves.

Omega 3

Take the recommended amount of Omega 3 supplements because Omega 3 helps to reduce harmful cholesterol associated with Serum Triglycerides. Just read the label of the product that you are about to purchase to make sure the product is contaminant-free. It’s best to purchase a product from a well-known and reputable company that you are familiar with.

Of course, you can get Omega 3 from other sources including flax seeds, foods enriched with Omega 3 (yoghurt, milk, cereals) and fish. With fish you have to be careful. You really should know or find out where it’s caught (which can be next to impossible) and it's also best to eat smaller fish high in Omega 3 like sardines and anchovies. Smaller fish tend to be safer to eat since they haven't had the time to build up the contaminants that large fish do.

Live with a Positive Frame of Mind

Try to avoid stress and living positively. Whenever you are stressed, try to take a moment and reflect on everything positive and all the beautiful things and moments life has to offer.

Take time to associate yourself with friends and family.

Try to involve yourself in extra-carricular activities that you enjoy, volunteer or take up gardening.

Also, this is where meditation and Yoga can help many people to relieve their stress and live with a positive frame of mind.

To conclude, prevention through healthy eating and exercise is the best cure for heart disease.

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