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How To Choose The Right Personal Trainer For You

Popularised by movie stars and celebrities, Personal Training has become mainstream over the last decade with many people seeing it as an obvious route to reaching their personal fitness goals. In reality, however, not everyone will achieve their goals simply by signing up with a trainer. Much of your success will depend upon your own level of commitment and the hard work that you’re prepared to put into your training.

However, there is no doubting that the quality of the trainer you choose to work with will most certainly make a big difference to your overall success. By following this guide you will be able to make the right choice. By putting in your best efforts in all your sessions and working with the best trainer for your needs, you too will be able to reach your fitness goals.

Do you remember that particular teacher at high school whose classes that you enjoyed? That’s probably because they made it fun and inspired you, right? It probably was a subject you ended up doing very well in too. Similarly, the chances are that you’ll enjoy personal training far more and probably will want to work harder when you meet the right trainer, one with whom you can really click with. We’re all different and finding the right personality is all important. Some of us simply don’t want to be yelled at when we’re training, but then again, some of us really do! Different strokes for different folks. It’s therefore best to meet with a few trainers and then to choose the one with whom you feel you will achieve the most with.

There are a whole range of qualifications in the fitness industry. It’s important to make sure that your trainer has the qualifications for what you’re specifically looking to do from prenatal exercise to yoga to kickboxing. If you have a particular goal or interest, make sure that your trainer has the skills and qualifications that will help you to reach your goals. Using a trainer that does not have the correct qualifications could lead to potentially serious injury. Don’t take any chances. Always ask to see your trainer’s qualifications before signing up with them.

You will almost certainly enjoy personal training more, and will find it easier to stick to, if you can exercise at the times of day that suits you – not at the times of day that may happen to suit your trainer. Make sure you take the time to plan a routine around your work and family life that is achievable and ask the trainer if they can train you at those times of day each week. It’s proven that developing a routine with exercise is one of the best ways to stick to your schedule over the longer term.

Look at how much you have available to spend and decide upon what you need to achieve for your budget. Whilst you should of course be realistic about what you can actually afford, you will want to get the best results you can for your money. This doesn’t necessarily mean getting the most sessions. A very good trainer will probably be able to get you the same results with fewer sessions, than a less experienced trainer. Equally some trainers offer 60-minute sessions, whilst others may offer shorter workouts of 30 minutes or 45 minutes. Some personal trainers will include support and meal plans in their prices whilst others will charge you extra. So when considering the cost, ask your trainer exactly what is included in the prices that you will be paying. This will allow you to compare like for like.

This is the final secret ingredient and is actually as much about your attitude, as that of your trainer’s. Those who get the most from training have predefined goals. They know what they are, they discuss these with their trainer and they and their trainer are honest with each other. If you’re going to lie to your trainer about your diet, your activity levels or your effort, it’s a recipe for certain disaster. If you have a bad day at work and then spend the weekend binging on pizza and takeaways, be honest with your trainer. Tell them you slipped up, but don’t try to cover it up or convince your trainer you only ate salad all weekend! Don’t think your trainer won’t know come weigh-in day.

These guidelines were provided by MotivatePT one of the UK’s largest personal training providers. By using this common-sense guide, you can be confident that you will see real results by choosing the right personal trainer for your individual need.

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