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Make Your Body Happy - Exercise

Exercise is one of life’s necessities that is either hated or loved; there is no gray area. People are either addicted to it, or they spend hours upon hours figuring out ways to avoid it.

It was not so long ago, that people did not have to exercise. Their daily work demands were sufficient to have healthy bodies. Children and young adults had physical education daily in school, from 2nd grade through high school. That, unfortunately, is not the case now.

Most jobs are sedentary – we are tied to our desks and computers, after work we go home exhausted from mental and emotional strain to sit and watch television or play video games.

Surprisingly enough, if one does 30 minutes of exercise two or three evenings a week they find that their energy level is up, while the stress level is way down.

Everyone needs to exercise at least 3 times a week. Depending on your current fitness level, your exercise can be walking, or an hour workout at the local gym. Exercise combined with a healthy diet will keep you physically fit, and feeling much better in general.

Even if you are in martial arts, regardless if it is for pleasure or for fight training, a consistent exercise routine is necessary. You do not need to exercise for muscle mass; your goal should be to tone your body. A consistent exercise program will help to keep you supple and limber; both attributes being very important in martial arts.

If your exercise routine includes trips to the gym, make sure to dress sensibly. Martial art uniforms are too bulky to be safe while using gym equipment. If you want to impress, you can wear one of your martial art uniforms to the gym, then change into grappling shorts and shirt.

There are many Internet sites dedicated to helping with exercise routines and answering exercise questions. An excellent site to visit is popularfitness.com. They list exercises for all parts of the body that can be done while at home.

The bottom line is that everybody needs to exercise to remain healthy. The exercises can be light or advanced and the exercise program or activity you choose should fit your lifestyle and fitness goals. Go ahead, get started; you may find that you actually enjoy it!

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