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Exercise is for Everyone

In a perfect world, exercising would consist of a great game of football, or a lovely run through glistening meadows. In reality, however, exercise can be forgotten as the unrelenting demands of life and its menial tasks take prominence. Similarly, going to the gym can take up a large chunk of time if you include getting there, showering, changing and coming home. As we get busier and busier as a nation, however, exercise can’t afford to be back-seated.

There are many ways to fit exercise around a busy schedule – giving you no excuse not to get that cardio in. Depending on your lifestyle, it’s both imperative and extremely easy to ensure your body is getting the regular workout it needs.

Full-time workers

For the full-time workers amongst you, a sedentary day behind a desk will do no good for your body. One option is to evaluate how you get to and from work. Do you drive past a Park and Ride? Do you get off at the bus stop nearest to work? Similarly, could you be more active on your lunch break?

If you can’t be active during the day due to the demands of work, it’s easy to introduce it into your evenings. If you find yourself concerned with seeing people and doing things, simply work out when you can opt for walking instead of using transport. Similarly, swap meeting up with a friend for coffee with a walk in the park together. Socialising can easily be incorporated into an exercise routine.

If your evening consist of turning your brain off and relaxing, setting aside half an hour for Pilates or yoga won’t disrupt your tranquil evening. If your night is planned around the television, then

get yourself some home fitness equipment. A good exercise bike or one of these cross trainers will allow you to multitask, leaving no excuse for not moving.

Unfit, unwell and otherwise unable to do high-impact exercise

For those whom it isn’t possible or recommended to do high-impact exercise, a lower impact option will be of great benefit to you. There’s a multitude of such exercises, depending on your individual ability.  Yoga, Pilates and walking are great examples of slower exercise that will still burn calories and build muscle. Similarly, most exercise DVDs offer a low-impact alternative. 


The stereotype of students is lazy – doing a little bit of work in-between naps and noodle-eating. For some, this may be accurate, but for the majority, this isn’t the case. Luckily, there is a wealth of options at university for students to stay active in-between working and playing hard. From university sports teams to cheap gym membership, there is usually a lot of active opportunities on and around campuses. Similarly, with time on your side, the cheapest option is to get those running shoes on and explore the surround city.

Full-time parents

The chances are that you run around enough, sit down and have a cuppa.

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