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Caring For Your Skin Before And After An Exercise Workout

Proper care of your skin when you exercise
Photo by Bruce Mars

Is exercise good for your complexion?  It certainly should be as it improves general health and circulation helping skin to appear years younger as indicated in findings of the research done at the McMaster University.  However, some people have experienced exercise-related problems such as ‘break outs’, dryness or sunburn.  Always ensure you follow a strict skin care routine alongside your fitness plan and you can reap only benefits for your skin!  All fitness related skin issues resolved, exercise can go ahead with helping you to look great whatever age you are.

Prevent breakouts for beautiful workouts

There are several ways to ensure your skin is not affected adversely by your exercise routine.  Firstly, always remove makeup before exercise.  You should make this part of your pre-workout routine otherwise your pores will become clogged with a mixture of make-up, sweat, and bacteria resulting in problematic skin, including acne.

Always ensure you wash your face and body following exercise.  This is essential to remove sweat residue and bacteria which would result in blocked pores.  When applying moisturiser avoid thick or heavy ones after exercise and choose an oil-free one if you’re prone to breakouts.  However, ensure you apply moisturiser regularly to avoid any dryness which can result from the frequent washing routines of sportsmen and women.  If you have a young problematic skin there are other steps to help clear up your acne that you can follow too including healthier food choices and a visit to a dermatologist.

If you suffer from body acne after working out then it is a good idea to take a look at your workout clothes.  You need fabrics that breathe so that that sweat doesn’t sit on your skin.  The best modern fabrics for this are moisture-wicking so that the moisture is lifted away from the skin surface.  Always ensure you remove sweaty gear as soon as possible following exercise.

Protect your skin from UV rays when exercising outdoors

When you take part in a large amount of outdoor sport it means your skin will be subjected to much more sunshine.  Take action to avoid sunburn and sun damage which can be unsightly and unhealthy increasing the risk of skin cancer.  However, try to choose a sunscreen that is not greasy or heavy as this will work better whilst sweating.  It is a good idea to wear a sun hat (a sports cap style is the most practical) as this will deflect the sun’s rays from your face without the use of heavy creams.

Enjoy being fit with radiant skin

Once your skincare routine for exercising becomes habit you can enjoy the positive effects of exercise on your skin without any downside.  The improved circulation gives your skin a healthy glow.  Exercise is also thought to promote collagen production reducing skin ageing.  With all skin care concerns controlled you can enjoy being fit alongside having beautiful skin.

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