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Body Rush Supplement Review -  Sports Energy Drink from Force Factor

I received my free sample supplement Body Rush from ForceFactor.com. It’s a pre-workout energy sports drink. In return I promised, after of course trying it out, to write up a review. I’ll try to be as impartial and unbiased in my product review as possible and I have included a preliminary Body Rush video review of this.

The day I received Body Rush I felt tired and lethargic which happens once in a while when it is a hot and humid day or when I have done a lot of work. Plus, it was also my gym day! What an ideal condition and situation to try out this product to see if it really can boost my energy levels so that I can get a good workout in. I hate feeling tired and not being able to get a good weight training workout in especially since my gym’s air conditioning system this summer hasn’t been very good and the air there gets stale, muggy and difficult to exercise in.

Body Rush contains various nitric oxide boosters, B vitamins and green tea extract. A complete list of everything contained in this product can be found on their supplement list. It is supposed to increase energy levels, your strength and help in recovery and muscle growth.

I wanted to put this product to the test after my first usage. Anyway, 30 minutes or so before my weight training workout I decided to take Body Rush. Basically you mix in 1 scoop of the powder in a glass of water. The powder I found dissolved and mixed well with no lumpiness. Body Rush comes in 3 flavors. I chose strawberry and kiwi. It didn’t taste sugary even though it contains a little sugar but I found it had a very slight tangy, acidic after-taste.

By the time I got to the gym, almost 30 minutes had elapsed and I found that slowly I was feeling more energetic and my fatigue was disappearing. After a weight training workout of 1 hour and 50 minutes I found that I did end up having a heavy, strong and very productive exercise workout. So after my workout I can say that it did boost my energy and strength levels. Normally I don’t drink energy drinks or supplements before my workouts as I prefer to take Omega 3 which keeps me going (my energy levels high) and use protein and Creatine supplements after my workouts, but on this day I needed an energy boost. Plus in summer I cut back on Omega 3 usage. As for recovery, I felt fine the day after but then I rarely if ever feel sore the next day. I tend to recover quickly without the soreness and build muscle since I work out consistently 3 days per week for most of the year except summer time.

Yes it was only the first time I tried this product and this is a preliminary review but it worked and many professional athletes use it to boost their performance. I will continue to use Body Rush for the next 29 workouts and I will add to this review.

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