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50 reasons to run
by Gemma Carter, Fitness and Life Coach

Need a reason to take up running? How about 50?
1.    You can explore your local area and find new routes. You may even discover new districts you never knew before and start to learn your way around.

2.    It's cheap! No gym fees or equipment costs makes running a great way to stay in shape during a recession.

3.    Buddy up - an opportunity to socialise as well as keep fit! Find a local running club or friends with similar interests in your area.

4.    It gives you a daily achievement. Running gives you purpose and some structure to your day when all else is chaotic.

5.    It gives you motivation. Learning the diligence to run daily and keep with a training schedule can provide you will valuable skills that you can use in other areas of your life.     

6.    Endorphins - Basically, they'll make you feel great!

7.    A great time to listen to your music uninterrupted - no one can tell you to turn it down!

8.    An excuse to buy brand new running kit!

9.    Exercise improves sexual performance! With increased stamina and heightened drive you'll be pleased! 

10.    Friends don't like running? You can run while a friend rides a bike - great way to mix up your training.

11.    Races are great events to go to and running competitions can really give you a focus and something at the weekend to look forward to.

12.    You can be proud of your race results - a feeling of achievement and success that was all your doing.

13.    You’ll feel more energised. Running can boost your energy pumping blood round your body and making you feel less sluggish.

14.    It gives you time to yourself to think.......or if you need, not.

15.    You need no equipment, so it’s easy, ready, steady, go!

16.    You can run anywhere at any time!

17.    Improves your cardiovascular performance and stamina.

18.    The old fable is wrong! - Running is good for your bones and there is no link to osteoporosis.

19.    Running can benefit other sports that you may participate in - football, tennis, soccer, swimming and many more.

20.    Strengthens your joints and increases you core flexibility leading to less chance of injury in the future.

21.    A great calorie burner! One of the best ways to lose weight or maintain your figure.

22.    Can be done at any time of day, anywhere in the world, so if you need to travel, you can always bring your trainers.

23.    Anyone can run - there is no real technical skill required!

24.    It is natural, we as humans have been running since the dawn of time....

25.    It’s a great way to wake up in the morning and gets your training out the way, before anyone is up!

26.    Great stress relief mentally and physiologically.

27.    Can help regulate your sleeping patterns

28.    You can combine journeys with running - run to the shops, run to work, run to the gym.

29.    Running can be a family activity - take your kids out for a run.

30.    Take your dog out with you - great exercise for them!

31.    You are never too old to run! Ron Hill is in his 70's and is still running daily!

32.    You can run while pregnant. However, I do say this with caution and you must consult a doctor but in the early months of pregnancy you can still run - even Paula Radcliffe ran while pregnant!

33.    It is a safe form of exercise, unlike competitive sports, there is no worry about injuries through physical contact or equipment.

34.    Running wear makes you look cool! Come on, I know it’s important to you!

35.    ..... And something that you can brag about at the office!

36.    Running can reduce other problems such as - heart disease, arthritis, back aches, headaches, stress, depression and diabetes.

37.    There are numerous events you can participate in for running so you can always improve and test your running abilities

38.    On holiday? - don't forget you can run on the beach, run in fields and up mountains, and even in water!

39.    Running can encourage you to visit cities - marathons are international - try out such prominent ones such as: Paris, Chicago, New York, London, Tokyo, Venice, Amsterdam and many many more.

40.    You can run at home - treadmills are becoming cheaper and cheaper.

41.    It is scientifically proven that exercise such as running improves blood flow to the brain and therefore mental agility

42.    Running is not prejudice to disability - whether you have leg discrepancies, amputations or deformities - new technology is developing products to enable ANY to participate in this sport.

43.    Running outdoors - hey you can get your suntan on the move!

44.    You can express yourself - marathons see the most wonderful and weirdest in society! You can dress up while you run as your favourite celebrity, animal, object or anything! Go for it!

45.    A reason to run for a cause - running a marathon, and training for it can be a way of showing you care - sign up and run for your favourite charity.

46.    You will extend your life.

47.    All that sweating is good for you! Get all those toxins out!

48.    You are part of a global community and can always ask for help from coaches, trainers, fellow runners wherever you are. You're part of the club!

49.    You can push yourself to your limits- running and building up to great feats such as a marathon can be an excellent way to know yourself better and find out what you're really capable of!

50.    Finally, the last reason to run.......basically, WHY NOT?!?

Keep on running!

Gemma Carter is a fully trained fitness and life coach.
Visit her website at http://www.cartercoaching.co.uk or email her at: gemma@cartercoaching.co.uk
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