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Salmon with Lemon Balm, Brown Rice and Salad
* Recipe high in protein, Omega 3, vitamins, minerals *

Whether you are into bodybuilding or exercising to stay in shape, what you eat (in other words nutrition) plays an extremely important role when it comes to meeting your fitness and health goals. This is a simple and quick recipe to prepare that is high in protein, Omega 3, vitamins, minerals and lycopene. It can be prepared fairly quickly, you don’t need to spend a lot of time in the kitchen to create a meal from scratch that is both delicious as well as healthy for you. Also, all the herbs and fresh ingredients are freshly picked from my garden.

Proteins are the building blocks for building muscle and strength as well as maintaining muscle and strength. It’s very important when you exercise to eat foods high in protein. Since I am into bodybuilding, I try to maximize the protein content in the foods that I eat every day so as to minimize my consumption of protein supplements.

When it comes to price, other than the salmon, all the ingredients are very inexpensive when you grow them yourself in your own garden, They are also readily available. Plus, the physical effort that you exert in preparation of planting (shovelling, bending, etc...), the planting, the weeding and later the yard waste and garden clean-up is a great natural form of exercise especially in terms of strength training without you even thinking of it as exercise.

When the freshly picked vegetables and herbs land on your table, the whole process ahs basically completed the cycle.

Chopped fresh lemon balm from garden
Garlic powder

I like to place the salmon on a parchment paper, wrap it and then wrap it with aluminum foil and then cook it on the barbecue. In this way, the aluminum foil does not touch the fish (foil supposed to be dangerous to your health) and the parchment paper won’t burn on the barbecue. Plus, the fish comes out nice and steamy and hot.
Brown rice - higher in protein than white rice.
Amaranth seeds - high in protein. I only added a tablespoon. Very time consuming to separate seeds from flower and chaff just to get just a few seeds. Black wild seeds supposed to have a peppery flavour.
Sliced garden grown amaranth leaves (*1) - hign in protein, can only be cooked once and not re-heated.
Chopped or sliced black fungus - high in fibre and vitiamins, nutrients and contains protein.
Garlic cloves or garlic powder
Black pepper or hot peppers

Garden grown tomatoes
Garden grown green peppers
Garden grown Purslane leaves (*1) - sprinkled on (contains Omega-3, in season from June to August mainly).
Salad dressing: Fesh oregano from garden, apple cider vinegar (healthier for you than white vinegar), olive oil, dash of garlic powder

*1 - Many people today consider these plants as weeds, but they are indeed edible plants (vegetables) and historically they have been eaten for thousands of years and very nutriitious for you!
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