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Do those electrical abdominal or muscle toners work?

When I first saw these electrical toners, I was sceptical. Do they really work? 
I was watching the Discovery Channel recently. 
Paraphrased, here are their comments on these devices.

Right now there is not enough good scientific evidence that they are effective. 
These products cause muscles to contract not due to the electrical stimulation 
provided by the battery, but due to the muscle's own inherent chemical reactions 
ie., nutrients in the blood. In order to tone and build stronger, firmer muscles or abs, 
you need resistance. There is no resistance provided by these devices. 
Try doing pushups on the floor. Now try the same movement lying on your back. 
Notice the difference?

Before you go out buying products that may or may not work, 
please visit our exercise page 
for step by step exercises as well as informative reading material.

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