Top 6 Novels By Robert Ludlum
Top recommended novels and book reviews, commentary.
If you enjoy reading spy novels or intriguing and suspenseful novels,
then I guarantee you'll really enjoy reading these great thrillers. A friend
of mine got me hooked on these books quite a few years ago and since
that time I have read almost all his novels. Once I started reading, I became
hooked and did not want to put the book down. Ludlum is an extremely
talented author capable of keeping the reader in suspense with numerous
plots and twisted subplots, with the story climaxing at just the right moment.
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The Bourne Identity
Book excerpt
by Robert Ludlum  To place your order, click-   Paperback   Audio Cassette
A mysterious man is dragged from the sea on the island of Port Noir in the
Northern Mediterranean. Under the care of a kind doctor, the patient awakes
from his coma only to find that he does not know who he is or where he came
from. He is only aware that he is well-educated, intelligent, speaks several
languages and posesses the body of an athlete. He assumes the name of
Jason Bourne and attempts to piece together his identity while constantly
fleeing from his unkown enemies. This is one of Robert Ludlum's finest, most
intriguing and entertaining works. I guarantee that you will not want to
put this book down!

The Bourne Supremacy
by Robert Ludlum. To place your order, click-   Paperback   Audio Cassette
Several high ranking Chinese officials lie assassinated in the Far East,
including a general, with the words Jason Bourne scrawled across the walls.
The only man capable of finding the Jason Bourne imposter is Jason Bourne
himself. To force the issue and prevent the outbreak of impending war in
the Far East, Jason Bourne's wife is kidnapped compelling Jason Bourne
to come out of hiding to find this imposter that has assumed his name. The
second in the Bourne trilogy, it is just as suspenseful and entertaining as the first!

The Bourne Ultimatum
by Robert Ludlum. To place your order, click-   Paperback   Audio Cassette
The third and final novel in the Bourne trilogy. Carlos the Jackal has just
summoned Jason Bourne to a final confrontation. Using Medusa, Bourne
devises an elaborate plan to entrap Carlos. The story, full of close calls
and misses, takes the two deadly antagonists to Montserrat, Paris and
finally to Moscow culminating in their final explosive confrontation. From
the beginning it promises to hold your interest with mounting suspense and
high-voltage excitement. By far the greatest thriller written by Robert Ludlum!
Combining the three Bourne trilogy novels, makes a great Christmas gift!

The Chancellor Manuscript
Book excerpt
By Robert Ludlum.  To place your order-   Paperback
A secret organization calling themselves Inver Brass comprised of high ranking
US government officials and citizens committed to the preservation of society
and democracy has grown tired and frightened of J. Edgar Hoover's growing
powers and secret files. Files containing private and confidential information
about influential people gathered by Hoover which Inver Brass fears Hoover
is using to control people. Inver Brass creates an elaborate plan to asassinate
the FBI boss, but are dissapointed to find that half the Hoover files are missing.
They decide to use a novelist, Peter Chancellor, to help them uncover these files.
As the novelist probes deeper and deeper into the mystery of the whereabouts
of these files, he is surrounded by death and fear. He knows that he will survive
only if the files are recovered and the mystery surrounding these files is uncovered!

The Scorpio Illusion
By Robert Ludlum. To place your order-   Paperback   Audio Cassette
A young girl after witnessing the brutal death of both her parents by Spanish soldiers
assumes the name of Bajaratt and vows death to all authority. She is a highly talented,
intelligent and beautiful terrorist committed to the assassinations of four important and
nfluential world leaders with the financial backing of the Scorpios and the military
backing of a group in the Middle East. To find this woman, the French and British
governments have hired a former naval intelligence officer, Commander Hawthorne.
Using her tricks, disguises and the Scorpios she is able to evade the Commander
at every turn as his contacts are slowly eliminated and she draws nearer to her target.
This is a novel full of intrigue, tragedies, coincidences and whose outcome will only
be determined in the final moment!

The Parsifal Mosaic
Book excerpt
By Robert Ludlum.  To place your order-   Paperback

"Michael Havelock's world died on a moonlit beach on the Costa Brava. He watched
as his partner and lover, Jenna Karas, double agent, was efficiently gunned down by his
own agency. There was nothing left for him but to quit the game, get out. Until, in one
frantic moment on a crowded railroad platform in Rome, Havelock saw his Jenna- alive.
From then on, he was marked for death by both Russian and US assassins, racing around
the globe after his beautiful betrayer, trapped in a massive mosaic of treachery, created
by a top level mole with the world in his fist- Parsifal."  new york times book review

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