Dumbbell Lunges - Leg Exercise

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Don't allow shoulders or upper back to round forward.
Keep your shoulders over your hips, chest up and shoulders back.
Most  importantly, keep your knees over your toes to prevent extreme tension on the tendons of your knees.

Starting Position

Grab a couple of dumbbells. Point your feet forward, positioned at least hip width.

Performing the Exercise

Step with one foot forward (left), about the same length as your quadriceps making sure your left knee does not go past your toe. Your right knee should also be directly under your right hip and inches from the floor and your right thigh perpendicular to the floor. When coming back to the starting position, focus on straightening the left knee and the hip. Your front leg always does the moving, while the back leg helps to keep your balance. You can work one leg at a time or alternate legs.

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