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The LifeFitness glute machine is my favorite exercise for the glutes. As a whole, LifeFitness weight training machines are not my favorite exercise machines but there are a few that I do really like and that I use including 2 excellent leg machines.  One of their leg machines is the the machine for the gluteal muscles.

Although this machine is designed and labelled as primarily for the glutes, it also works out the entire leg including the main leg muscles:quads, hamstrings and calves. For this reason I also like to refer to this machine as a full-leg exercise workout machine. If on days you do not have time to work the quadriceps and hamstrings, try this machine. I also like to use this machine combined with a few other leg machines as preparation for rollerblading season - getting my glutes and legs strengthened and in shape for rollerblading. This is also a great machine to tone, firm up and strengthen the glutes for the summer. So if your gym has this machine, I recommend that you use it or at least give it a try.

exercise machine for glutes and legs

This is an exercise that when done properly you will feel it and you will get results.

How to do the exercise

It’s a simple exercise to do.
  • Choose a weight from the stack of weights. What I like about this exercise machine is that it also has an adjustable knob to choose incremental weights in increments of 5 lbs all the way up to 15 lbs to be added to the existing stack of weights.
  • Set the foot rest for the side, leg you wish to use. We’ll start with the right leg, right glute. Adjust the front pad rest to the position where you will be leaning slightly forward, yet still standing a little bit upright. I like to have the pad resting against my abdominals and slightly below my chest. In the video she likes to have the pad resting firmly against her chest and abs. Where you set the pad rest will determine how bent over you are on the machine. Also your height will determine where the pad will eventually be adjusted to and where you will position yourself on the pad. Try both angles to determine which angle will work the glutes more.
  • Push your right leg out as far as it can go, breathing out as you do so and keep your left leg slightly bent at the knees and supporting you on the machine.
  • Bring your leg in with your knee bending throughout this movement and breathing in as you do so.
  • Switch over the foot pad rest to the left side and repeat the exercise for the left leg.
  • Do about 3 to 5 sets of 12 to 16 reps.
If you don’t have this machine, some gyms carry other glute machines or you can do it as a floor exercise for glutes with your own body weight as resistance or add some strap-on weights around your ankles to add more resistance and make the exercise more challenging.
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