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The Wrist Curl

Most people often neglect or ignore to work on their forearms. There are a number of reasons why you should exercise your arms. First of all, strong and muscular forearms will enhance your appearance. Secondly it will strengthen your arms and prevent possile injuries like tennis elbow, sore hands or wrist problems. 

Here are a number of variations for forearm exercises.

Wrist Curls - Palms Face Up

Performing the exercise:

This exercise stresses the flexor muscles on the insides of your forearms.

Grab a barbell. I suggest you start with a very light one to get the feel for the movement of this exercise. Place it on the bench. While sitting on the bench, place your hands under the bar, your palms facing upward, your hands and wrists -  hang at the end of the bench at a 180 degree angle. Slowly lower the barbell until it is cupped in your fingers just below the bench (as low as your wrists will allow the barbell to go). Curl the barbell up in a small semi-circular arc as far as your wrists will allow. Repeat movement for about 12-15 repetitions, 3-4 sets.

Wrist Curls - Palms Face Down

If you want to work the extensor muscles on the outsides of your forearms, try doing wrist curls with your palms facing downwards. This is a little bit more difficult.


If you don't have a barbell, try it with two dumbbells or a single dumbbell using the same above mentioned technique.

Recommended Fitness Books:
The Complete Book of Shoulders and Arms
by Kurt Brungardt, Brett Brungardt, Mike Brungardt

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