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Chest Crossover Exercise

A great exercise for working out and sculpting your chest when done using a cable pulley machine. Not only does it offer constant resistance while working out, this exercise will work your core and leg muscles at the same time since you require to use them for balance and support. So this exercise is sort of a semi, full-body exercise with the main focus on your chest.

I am doing this exercise using the LifeFitness workstation, but you can use any cable pulley exercise machine - some of the pulley handles are closer together, and some further apart. I prefer the machine with the cable pulley handles further apart like the one in my video below.

You can do this exercise either standing or bent over as you can see in my selfie video. Bent over will work your core and legs more especially since you can do slightly heavier weights. How you stand  and the angle at which you grasp the handles will work out your chest slightly differently. Always a good idea to vary your chest cable crossover workout.

Full text instructions of chest crossover exercise with cables and with how to video.

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