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Various Excellent Biceps Exercises

For those of you into bodybuilding, here are a few exercises that will help you to achieve nice and pumped, large biceps. These exercises are great for strengthening and elongating your biceps muscles, making them look big and full.

These exercises are also great for getting rid of the fat around the arms. Ideal also for women who may only want to tone and strengthen their biceps and get rid of the flabby arm look.

My 2 favorite exercises for the biceps are: biceps curls done on the Hammer Strength machine and the standing barbell curl using either a close grip or wide-grip or a variation thereof.

Bicep Curls on the HammerStrength Machine or other similar fitness machines

These curls strongly emphasize the entire bicep muscles giving you long, full and large biceps. Great for working the meat of the biceps. Plus you can go as heavy as you want without the use of a spotter.

Method of  Performance:

- Adjust the seat to the proper height, lean over the padded area, with your upper arms pressed against the padding and forearms parallel.  The top edge of the bench should be against your armpits.
- Grasp the 2 handles (palms facing upwards) that you are using  and slowly curl upwards or bring the handles upwards towards you.
- Slowly lower the handles back down to the starting position.
- Try to avoid raising your elbows off the edge of the bench.  By doing so, you are not fully working the biceps.
- Best results are obtained when this exercise is performed slowly and a full range of motion is used.

This exercise can also be done using a barbell or 2 dumbbells on a preacher curl bench.


- avoid raising your elbows off the edge of the bench
- make sure your elbow is not off the padding of the bench
- best results are obtained when this exercise is performed slowly
- 4 - 5 sets, 8-12 reps
- breathe in as you raise, breathe out as you lower

The Standing Barbell Curl

This exercise focuses on the entire bicep muscles with secondary emphasis on the flexor muscles and on the inside of your forearms.

Method of performance:

- Choose the appropriate barbell weight.
- Place your hands on the barbell (under the bar, palms facing forwards) at about 
shoulder width apart or a few inches apart on either side from the shoulder.
- Lift the barbell and stand up straight, with the barbell pressed against your upper thighs. This is your starting position.
Keep your upper arms pressed against your torso, at your sides.
- Slowly lift the barbell by bending at your elbows and bringing the barbell up to a position just in front of your chin or as far up as the natural motion will take you. As you do this, always keep your upper arms by your sides, keep your stomach tucked in and avoid swinging or using your other body parts to perform the lift. Basically, the biceps should be doing all the work. Use your core muscles and your legs as support.
- Then slowly bring the bar down to the starting position.
- Repeat the motion.
- Breathe in as you lower the barbell, breathe out as your raise the barbell.
- Do about 4 - 5 sets of 8 -12 repetitions or until biceps fatigue.
- I've also included a video below on how to do this exercise.


You may want to try a narrower or even slightly wider grip on the barbell depending on what works better for you. Plus it will work your biceps from a slightly different angle.


- perform the exercises slowly for maximum benefit focusing on both the upward and downward  movements
- use strict form to prevent injury
- keep your body straight and avoid swinging your body
- keep your upper arms against the sides of your torso

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