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Arnold Press (Rotational Shoulder Press)

This exercise, made popular by Arnold Schwarzenegger, stresses the same muscle groups as the Dumbbell Deltoid Press but somewhat more intensely. It's a bit more difficult and you should be careful when first attempting it, but it's a very effective deltoid exercise. I recommend when you first attempt this exercise you grab a light weight and slowly go through the range of motions just to get the feel for the exercise.

Performing the exercise:

Starting position:
- grasp two dumbbells, palms face inward (towards your body) and elbows more or less at your sides

- as you press the dumbbells upward, slowly rotate your hands so that your palms face outward (away from your body) during the mid range of the movement
- at the top of the movement, you are in the same position as a regular dumbbell deltoid press. You may first want to try the dumbbell deltoid press, before attempting this exercise. Also, do not lock your arms at this position
- now lower the weights slowly back to the starting position and repeat for desired reps.

Recommended Bodybuilding Book:

A book which I purchased years ago and I still highly recommend is
The Weider System of Bodybuilding. It is one of the few books that I constantly refer back to. It was money well-spent!
By Joe Weider & Bill Reynolds.

This is an excellent book for anyone who is interested in weight training. It's ideal for both novice and experienced bodybuilders. For men and women interested in stregthening and toning their bodies and incorporating weight training exercises into their fitness routines. The book is divided into two sections. The first section describes different training principles and techniques. The second section lists by chapter the many different weight training exercises available for each muscle group. Each chapter begins with a photo of a bodybuilder and the anatomy of the particular muscle group that will be discussed followed by detailed instructions on how to carry out particular exercises. This is done through photos and clear and concise descriptions of each exercise broken down into the following headings: main area of emphasis, method of performance, variations and training tips. What I really like about this book is that there are a lot of different and varied exercises in this book which helps to keep your weight training workouts interesting and varied. There is a superb abdominal section and expert advice and opinions from bodybuilders are provided throughout the book. I guarantee that this book will be read, re-read and referenced for years to come.


Other books by Joe Weider:
Bodybuilding : The Weider Approach
by Joe Wieder

Recommended Fitness Books:
Musclemag International's Bodyfitness for Women : Your Way to Physical Perfection
by Gerard Thorne, Phil Embleton, Robert Kennedy

Sliced / State-Of-The-Art Nutrition for Building Lean Body Mass
by Bill Reynolds, Negrita Jayde (Contributor)

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