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Review of Vegan Protein Powder Supplement

I received a 35g sample package of Harmonized Vegan Protein powder. It’s a supplement manufactured by Proventive Nutritional Therapies. I have never tried a vegan protein powder. I always use Isoflex by ALLMAX Nutrition which is my Whey protein Isolate supplement of choice and which I recommend in my prior review of it. Therefore, I was curious to find out what this supplement would taste like.

non-GMO Vegan protein powder supplement

It contains non-GMO ingredients, so it’s 100% natural and healthy for you. It also contains 25g of protein which is very good (Isoflex from Allmax contains more protein: 27g for a 30g serving). You can read all the supplement facts about this product by watching my video review (it's at the beginning) and pausing it in the appropriate place.

After mixing and tasting this product, here is what I found. The powder itself tends to be lumpy so it took awhile to mix out the lumps when I added the water. You can add juice, but I wanted to taste it before I added anything else to it. Also, a lot of the powder got stuck on my mixing spoon. After mixing it adequately, I found the product to be quite frothy and thick. It would make a great smoothie combined with say a banana and some fresh or frozen berries (blueberries, strawberries, etc...). Plus it would be quicker, easier to blend in a blender and much smoother. Taste-wise, it is very good except at first it tasted rather like flour a bit or a dry powder, but still more delicious than many Whey protein powders. Also a 35g package is also very filling, I noticed.

In conclusion, it’s a great alternative high in protein and natural supplement to the whey isolate protein powders for Vegans and anyone looking to try a different product.

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