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Perfect Whey – Pineapple Mango Flavor

Perfect Whey - New Zealand Whey - Pineapple Mango

I received a few free sample packages of Perfect Whey when I was at the gym. It comes in several different flavors but my favorite is Pineapple Mango. It is delicious and the best tasting protein powder that I have tasted so far. It mixes very well in water too! I also tried the vanilla cream and caramel apple flavors. They are both very good but take a little longer to mix.

Perfect Whey is also lactose free for people who are lactose intolerant and made from pure and natural ingredients. It is sweetened with Stevia which is a lot healthier for you than sugar.

But, as a protein powder, how healthy, good or effective is it really?

According to the back of the package:

Perfect Whey is an ideal blend of the purest and highest quality New Zealand whey proteins sourced from cows that are “Meadow Fed (pesticide free)” and not given and antibiotics, rBGH or BST hormones.

It contains whey protein that is filtered using cross flow microfilteration (CFM) and ultra-filtration (UF). These proprietary membrane techniques are used to yield the highest levels of undenatured protein possible. The low temperature process also keeps the protein fractions (alpha lactalbumin, gylcomacropeptide, immunoglobulin, serum albumin, lactoferrin and lactoperoxidase) intact.

Each 35 gram serving provides 28 grams of protein with 5 grams of Glutamine to help build lean muscle, increase strength, speed up recovery and prevent lactic acid buildup so you can work out longer.

Nutrition Facts:

Nutrition label of Perfect Whey protein powder supplement

Would I recommend this product as a protein powder that can produce great results?

Well, I would really have to try it for a 6 to 12 month period to compare it to my current favorite whey protein powder Allmax Isoflex which I know produces amazing results because I have been using it for several years now. I know there are a lot of good quality protein powders on the market these days and it can be difficult to choose the best one for yourself that can produce optimal results. A few things that I tend to look for in a protein powder supplement is a product that has high quality whey protein preferably whey protein isolate, has 0g of fat and sugar, is low in sodium and comes at a reasonable price.

In my opinion, if you are looking for a protein powder with healthy and natural ingredients, with a delicious taste and high in protein, then I would highly recommend Perfect Whey in the pineapple mango flavor.

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