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Yoga Turns Back the Clock
by Glenda Twining

I picked up the book Yoga Turns Back the Clock by Glenda Twining to familiarize myself with Yoga and to teach myself Yoga. I needed a book that had quality “how to instructions” with illustrations for the movements. Fortunately, I stumbled upon this book. Plus having a catchy title helped me to take a closer look into whether or not I should read this book and use it as my guide.

I also didn’t realize it until I started reading this book that at the time Glenda Twining wrote this book she was 50 years old. From looking at her photos, she definitely does not look 50! She attributes her youthfulness, being healthy and full of energy to her Yoga program – “a unique total-body program that fights fat, wrinkles, and fatigue.”

She explains how and why Yoga can be age-defying and help a person turn back the clock. The reason why Yoga is an effective and natural way of turning back the clock is because it improves the health and flexibility of the spine. The spine is the key to health and youthfulness.

In the beginning of the book, Glenda explains how she began practicing Yoga. She began Yoga in her forties, her progression through it and the many ways that it has benefited her life including keeping a youthful appearance, not being stressed and having more energy. Plus, Yoga creates a toned body and defined muscles. Her body fat percentage before taking up Yoga was 29% but now it is around 11-13%. What is also good about Yoga is that it can be combined with any other exercise program or workout. In fact it can be very beneficial to cross train with Yoga.

The majority of the book focuses on the poses, stretches and movements. There are plenty of them divided into 3 Yoga routines, each one a little more difficult. All the Yoga poses are illustrated by her with detailed “how to instructions”, tips and which part of a person’s body that it benefits and how it can benefit you. She also explains how to use this book. Before beginning any of these routines, it’s best to read this section.

To conclude, Yoga Turns Back the Clock is an excellent book especially for the beginner to familiarize oneself with what Yoga is all about and to begin oneself on a Yoga program. In the book, Glenda Twining clearly explains and illustrates the Yoga workouts and various poses and movements.

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