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Lean, Long and Strong: The 6 Week Strength Training, Fat Burning Program for Women
By Wini Linguvic
Published by Rodale, January 2005
6 week strength training, fat burning program for women

Get Lean, Long & Strong in Just 12 Minutes a Day

Sick of wasting time on the treadmill? Want real results? In this follow-up to her New York Times bestseller BodyChange, personal trainer Wini Linguvic presents a revolutionary fat burning, strength training program designed specifically for women. For defining your muscles and firming up your body, Wini believes there’s simply nothing that compares to strength training. In this unique program, she combines weights with the best of Yoga, Pilates, stretching, and cardio to give you an efficient, integrated workout that guarantees fast, visible results. In just 12 minutes a day, you will sculpt your body, shed fat, and lengthen and stretch your muscles. You’ll get:

-Maximum results: Wini’s innovative synergy sets both challenge and restore your muscles at once, giving your body the lean, long and strong look in the least time possible.

-Targeted programs: Choose the fat blasting, total-body program or target a key trouble spot, such as abs and core, butt and thighs, or upper body.

-No plateaus! Get continual results as you work through the basic, intermediate and challenging routines.

-Convenience: All workouts can be done at home or in the gym with just a set of weights and an exercise ball.

-Fast, fit-it-in fitness: You’ll even get 6-minute express workouts for days when you’re traveling or especially busy.

With Wini’s breakthrough program just for women, you’re on your way to a new level of fitness – a body that’s lean, long and strong!

About the author:
Wini Linguvic is one of New York City’s most sought after personal trainers and fitness consultants. A certified fitness instructor and trainer for more than two decades, she is the coauthor of the New York Times best-selling book BodyChange, which she wrote with long-time client and friend Montel Williams.

Read more about this book Lean, Long and Strong or to place your order.

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