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Yoga to Live a Healthy Life

The popularity of yoga is increasing day by day as people are practicing yoga to stay healthier. The regular practice of yoga has made it even possible for many people to overcome from various health problems.

I saw a quote today on Twitter from the Dalai Lama: "Peace of mind is the basis of a healthy body and a healthy mind; so peace of mind, a calm mind, is very, very important." I agree with this statement. The key to healthiness is a combination of being in a positive state of mind and having a healthy body through exercise which can be achieved with yoga. Of course, proper nutrition and eating habits also play a large role in one staying healthy and positive.

Also, there are many health problems which modern medicine and for which therapy is not able to fully cure or solve. If you have that type of health problem then yoga may help you. If you are suffering from anxiety or want to realign your spine then yoga can help you.

How to realign your spine?

There are many yoga postures that help with spine realignment. Among all of them Ashtanga Yoga is one of the best. The practice for yoga postures varies with the level of practice of various postures. Ashtanga means eight limbs in Sanskrit. It involves a series of poses done in a systematic method of yoga involving synchronizing your breath with a series of body postures. As a result you get a strong body, improved blood circulation and a calm mind. The primary series of this therapy involves the detoxification of your body, realignment of your spine, and the improvement in your flexibility and stamina. There are 75 different poses of Ashtanga yoga.

The primary series of these postures begins with sun salutation and then the standing poses, sitting poses, inversions and lastly the back bends for relaxation.

The intermediate series helps to purify nervous system. For beginners this yoga is for about 45 to 60 minutes.

Yoga Poses for Anxiety

For people suffering from anxiety some specific yoga postures are very helpful. As we have already discussed yoga is also very useful for sound mental health, it can help manage anxiety.

Here we have mentioned some poses for managing anxiety.

Single Leg Raise

This is one of the most effective pose for anxiety. For this pose you have to lie down straight back. Raise your right leg straight up inhaling air. Then lower it back in the original position exhaling. Repeat the same process for the left leg as well. In next the cycle you have to hold your feet in the opposite hand during the raised position. You have to hold it till you take little breath.

Double Leg Raise Yoga Pose

It is similar to single leg raise but this time you do it with both legs at a time. You should be very careful before practicing any yoga posture, and it is better to get help from people who are experienced practitioners of yoga.

Practice yoga daily and live long!

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