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Treadmill Workouts Benefits

Whenever I am asked what I think about treadmills, I answer they are great. They are great for losing weight, they are great for staying fit and they are convenient. But besides these general answers I believe that the treadmills’ benefits can be analyzed at a more detailed level. 

One of the main reasons why treadmills are amazingly beneficial is the cardio exercise. Heart Rate workouts strengthen the heart, increase cardio fitness, pump oxygen to the muscles and adjust blood circulation.

Another known advantage is that on treadmills runners can do low impact exercises. The probability of getting injured on the treadmill is lower than getting injured while running outside. This is because almost all preset treadmill programs are done by the book: warm-up, workout, and then cool down. Plus treadmills belts are usually backed by advanced cushion systems meant to reduce impact over joints and ankles in comparison to road running.

There are many users who purchase a treadmill to lose weight. Everyone knows that running is highly efficient when it comes to losing weight. But less know that treadmills include the most efficient workouts for weight loss: cardio exercises based on targeted heart rate. Plus most decent treadmills allow you to enter your age and weight before starting a weight loss program, which means you receive punctual and personalized feedback after each workout.

Speaking of personalized feedback, treadmills have another plus: you can track your performance progress right from the treadmill’s console. Most treadmills offer you weekly, monthly or yearly reports. Plus, with the latest technology developed for cardio equipment there are treadmills that allow you to download your workouts reports from the console through a simple USB device. Then you can upload your workouts information in different fitness software available on the Internet. This system is usually used if you want to take advantage of interactive fitness programs offered by different brands, where professional trainers use your personal reports to create personalized workouts and meal plans. 

I mentioned in the beginning that for me treadmills are convenient. This was one of the main reasons I chose to run on a treadmill in the first place. Either in your home or in a gym, during summer or winter, treadmills are extremely convenient, especially for those who lack spare time. You are free to maintain a consistent training program and not worry about details such as the freezing cold or the terrible heat. And this leaves you out of reasons to skip a workout or two.

Plus treadmill workouts improve lung capacity, enhance stamina, improve sleeping and eating habits and last but not least they enhance immunity and prevent diseases and conditions, which over all means you actually get to live longer and happier.

Here is one treadmill workout you can do 3-4 times week to keep you in good shape. It’s called the Power Walk exercise:

Warm up: 1.0 mph speed for 2 minutes and 1.5 mph speed for another 2minutes

Segment 1: 2.0 mph for 30 seconds
Segment 2: 2.5 mph for 30 seconds
Segment 3: 3.0 mph for 30 seconds
Segment 4: 2.5 mph for 30 seconds
Segment 5: 4.0 mph for 30 seconds
Segment 6: 3.5 mph for 30 seconds
Segment 7: 3.0 mph for 30 seconds
Segment 8: 2.5 mph for 30 seconds

Repeat segment 1-8 at least 5 times (minimum 24 minutes)

Cool down: at 2.3 mph for 2 minutes than at 1.5 mph for another 2 minutes

You should keep incline at 0% at the beginning, and increase it to 1%-2% when you have more experience.

As a personal note, before you engage in any type of sport, consult your physician to know at what intensity you can train, especially if you know you suffer from any illness.

To resume the conclusion of this article in a positive note, staying fit means staying healthy and a healthy body can only mean a healthy lifestyle. This may be a good enough reason to start working out right away and why not, even buy your own treadmill. 

This article is written by Anna Ursu. Anna is a treadmill tester for RunReviews, a website dedicated to treadmill reviews.

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