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Maximize Your Treadmill Workout
Tips for the Treadmill

Whether you’re trying to lose weight for your summer holiday, preparing and training your body for a marathon or you just want to tighten up your muscles to look and feel great all year round, there are so many ways that you can maximize your workout and make the most out of your workout time.

Going to the gym, for most of us, can be quite a big commitment; whether we rush through our gym session on lunch hours or squeeze in 40 minutes after we finish work, the gym isn’t always easy to fit into our busy modern day schedules.

So here are some fantastic tips to help you maximize your workout and make the most of your time.

Top Tips for Getting the Most out of the Treadmill
  • Start off slowly – don’t try to run before you can walk. Starting a new exercise regime takes time to get used to and if you burn out too quickly, it can often make your goals seem unobtainable. Start off slow and increase your speed / target time.
  • Find your perfect walking speed – everyone’s walking pace is different so the sooner you find this, the better. The best walking pace should elevate your heart rate and you should use a suitable speed for cooling down after your exercise.
  • Use the different treadmill settings – there are various treadmill settings which can help you achieve your goals. You first need to decide what you want to do, whether that be weight loss or building muscle. When using different exercise settings on the treadmill, you will be able to key in your weight and your age to get the perfect workout session.
  • Weigh yourself regularly – weighing yourself will help you keep on track with your targets. Not only that but when using different treadmill exercises, it’s important to key in your weight and your age.
  • Vary your workout – if it’s weight loss you’re after, your body may reach a weight loss plateau when you’ve been exercising at high intensity. The best way to avoid this from happening is to vary your workouts. So this could mean changing your treadmill routine or adding in another exercise routine / sport to aid your efforts.
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