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Stress Relief Exercise Balls

Exercise in the past meant walking, running and cycling. Today with advances in the industry of fitness you have a new whole set of exercise equipment that is available to get your body and mind in shape and vary your exercise workouts to make them more interesting and more effective. One of these that I will be discussing are exercise balls.

People are increasingly becoming aware of keeping fit and hence, every now and then, we hear about some fitness fads coming and going but there are some regimes which actually make sense. One approach to fitness focuses on functional training and core strength. This method of training aims at strengthening the torso. The exercise ball is one of the best tools for working out core strength. These balls were always popular with physical therapists, but they recently have become extremely popular with fitness experts. They now know that the exercise ball can prove to be one of the most effective ways to strengthen the back and the abs, and at the same time one of the most effective ways of increasing your stability.

Along with providing a highly effective strength training workout and increased stability, exercise balls will also give you a great cardio workout. Therefore exercise balls provide you with a great 3 in 1 workout, especially when you don't have a lot of time or when you want to do a quick workout at home.

I have provided for you here some information about choosing the right exercise ball for:

Exercise balls come in all sizes but you need to choose one that fits your particular body height. The best size for someone whose height is 5'4 top is the 55 cm ball. If the ball is smaller than 55 cm you risk hurting your back because of the lower position and if the ball is bigger than 55 cm, you will injure your knees. For someone up to 5'11 you will need a ball of 65 cm and for someone up to 6'7 the 75 cm ball is perfect.

Start with abdominal training since it is the easiest way for you to get used to the exercise ball. Once you master your abdominal training you can move to waist training for improving your muscles even further and your stability on the ball.

Your body improves every time that you are put into a new and unknown environment and when you push it to the limit. The exercise ball will be that new unstable environment and your body will adapt immediately to that new environment. These balls are not just good for your body but they also act as stress relief balls. Your body will become more and more relaxed, and you will see your body shape improving.

Exercise balls can be used by anyone without any health conditions and if you are not sure if the exercise ball is the best exercise for you, just consult your doctor and he will give you the right advice.

Exercise balls are recommended for all ages, as long as you choose the right ball size as I discussed earlier on. Children can practice with smaller balls and the elderly can greatly benefit from the exercise balls, if they keep to a daily exercising routine.

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