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Stationary or Folding Treadmills
The Differences That You Ought to Know

When you are looking to purchase a treadmill, you will find that you have a huge range of options.  There are computerized and manual treadmills, as well as models that range anywhere from about a hundred dollars up to thousands of dollars.  There will be a lot of bells and whistles to choose from, but one of the major considerations that you will have to make is whether to purchase a model that can fold up or one that is non-folding.

Let’s take a look at each type and examine the fundamental differences.

Space Requirements and Storage

One thing that makes many people opt for a folding treadmill is the ability to easily fold and store it.  While a solid treadmill can be a great option if you have a plenty of space or your own dedicated gym, but for people living in apartments or who are space challenged, they can be cumbersome. Folding treadmills can easily fold and fit under a bed or into a closet, making them ideal for people with storage needs.

But What About Stability?

One of the biggest issues with older folding treadmills is that they were significantly less stable than their counterparts.  This can still be true for lower end and cheaper treadmills, but the construction of folding treadmills has come a long way over the years.  A good quality built folding treadmill can be every bit as stable as a regular one.

It is important to note that there are many excellent folding treadmills on the market that offer solid stability while still remaining easy to collapse, fold, and store after use. 

Quality Is Essential

There is nothing wrong with opting for a folding treadmill, and you will find that if you need space, it may be your only option.  Keep in mind that quality is of the essence and will make all the difference to your treadmill workout.  It can be difficult to find a folding treadmill that is lightweight without being cheaply built.  It’s a fact that heavier treadmills typically offer more stability and function and are thus more highly recommended.  However if you need to move the treadmill for storage, you may have to look for options such as wheels that can be popped out to allow easier movement. 

In many cases, low end treadmills also sacrifice quality for cheap pricing and easy portability.  This means that many of the devices offer the ability for easy storage by implementing features such as kickstands to increase grade or hold the treadmill at the proper angle.  Ideally, you want a machine that is designed for easy and safe adjustment and that does not require the use of cheap plastic parts to keep it upright.

The Cost

Now you’re probably wondering how much a good quality folding treadmill is going to put you back.  Many sources would say that you need to spend over $1,000, but I recently reviewed a treadmill and found it to be of good quality, a solid treadmill and the best in its class for under or at around $700. If you wait for sales, of course you can purchase a treadmill at a substantially lower price.

The Bottom Line

Ultimately, the correct treadmill for you will depend largely on your needs.  Cost can certainly be a consideration, but you will find that in this area, you may benefit more from choosing a used high end treadmill than to purchase a new one that is of low quality.  Both folding and solid models can offer adjustable speeds and inclines, programmable workouts, and much more. 

At the end of the day, your decision will likely come down to space and storage needs.  If you want a treadmill that you can move or put away at the end of the day, a folding model will certainly be best, but if space is not an issue, the improved stability of a solid model may prove to be the right choice for you.

About the Author:
Jacquie Cattanach loves running and has been an avid marathoner and triathlete for more than a quarter of a century.  On her website and blog – Online Running Gear, she offers the latest news and reviews on anything to do with running.  Visit her site to see the latest folding treadmill reviews.
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