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How to Get Motivated when Using Gyms in Leeds

Motivation is the key to your exercise workouts succeeding. If you use one of the many gyms in Leeds or anywhere countrywide in the UK keep your focus to achieve the best results.

If you’re a member of one of the gyms in Leeds or anywhere else across the country then you’ve already made the first step. You’re ready to make a change to your lifestyle but sometimes motivation wanes and it becomes more difficult to keep yourself focused. Here are some top tips to ensure your mind stays on the right track and you can achieve your goals.

Music Therapy

Researchers at Brunel University have found that listening to the right music can help keep your focus on track. The right tunes can trick your brain and cut your perceived effort by around 10% which means you can keep training harder.

Keep Track

Keeping track of distances, following statistics and improvements spurs you on. As you see your performance improve it’s a massive confidence boost and you’ll feel even more stoked to keep going. Whether you do this by using a personal sports watch or the in-built systems on equipment in your gym, it is your choice.

Team Up

Not only does working with a friend add a competitive touch to your training regime, it also provides some support. Personal trainers always recommend finding a training partner to work alongside and then you can push yourself harder in your attempts to surpass their efforts.


It may sound extremely simple but keeping your thoughts focussed positively is one of the best ways to boost motivation. There is even evidence that negative thought patterns can lead to increased risk of injury. You may not be having the best session of your life but be positive and plan for a better result on your next go.


You’re bound to get bored or disinterested if you only ever follow one specific path and equally you’re not testing your strength and endurance if you only ever use the same equipment. There’s nothing wrong with a set routine but mix it up a bit with different speeds, gradients and everything else the machines, the free weights and the various types of other fitness equipment have to offer. The equipment you have to choose from in most of the gyms in Leeds will be wide ranging and you can benefit in some way from every piece of the equipment you choose to use.

Finding a pay as you go gym option gives you the chance to mix up your routine a little as they are extremely flexible and you can turn up pretty much whenever you like. To find out more about pay as you gyms in Leeds visit www.payasugym.com

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