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Exercise Early In the Morning

Top 10 reasons to wake up to gyms in Birmingham

Exercising early in the morning has oodles of benefits. Here are the top 10 reasons to hit the gym rather than the snooze button:

Burns fat more efficiently – A 2010 study showed that exercising in the fasted state (e.g. before breakfast) encourages the body to burn fat rather than carbohydrates for fuel. People eating a high fat, high caloric diet would lose more weight exercising early.

Great energy and alertness – Early morning workouts have been shown to boost your energy levels and mood for hours after. Exercising also boosts mental acuity for 4 -6 hours.  So get the most out of your body and brain by exercising before you start to handle the day’s tasks.

Regulate your appetite – Exercise boosts endorphins which in turn diminishes one’s appetite. People who exercise early also tend to make healthier food choices for the rest of the day.

Regulates circadian rhythms - Exercise regulates your body on a 24 hour cycle. Your internal clock loves routine, and it can be taught new ones. Force yourself to wake up at the same time each day for a few weeks and soon your body will gently wake itself up at the same time - no bleeping alarm required! Personally, I never use an alarm anymore.

Jump start your metabolism – Your metabolism is elevated for up to 24 hours after your exercise. You will be burning more calories all day by exercising early.

Builds an exercise routine - For many people exercising in the morning is the only way they can ensure they get a workout done. Nothing else gets in the way at 5am whereas it’s easy to wimp out after work when you’re tired and hungry.

More room at the gym – Without a doubt there are fewer people about before 7am. This means the gyms in Birmingham are quieter, with no queues for the treadmill and fewer people to distract you from your routine.

Avoid the traffic – If you drive early to the gyms in Birmingham you won’t  have to worry about rush hour traffic jams. You can also grab the perfect parking place in the car park!

Get ahead of yourself – There is nothing to beat the feeling of knowing you’ve got something out of the way. Tick that exercise box early and you feel satisfied for the rest of the day. You can also take the time to plan your day or just think more clearly without other distractions.

You will only need one shower a day! - Save water. Save time.

If you want to be an early bird at the gyms in Birmingham (UK) and also benefit from great membership options visit www.payasUgym.com. You might not catch the worm but you’re guaranteed to catch the best deals!

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