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What Mindset One Needs to Have To Stay Fit and Happy
being fit, healthy and happy

Everyone wants to be fit and of course happy, some may say that both cannot be easy to achieve together, but little do they know that as long as you have the right mindset, these two are easy to get. You should not be giving yourself a hard time, what you want is to make sure that you can be the best person that you can be physically and still be getting the happiness that you deserve inside you. It is all in the right mindset, nothing else.

Decide that you are worth it

Always remember you are worth it, actually you are more than worth it. You are special, you are one of a kind. You are worth all your hard work , things will all pay off because you are worth it. You deserve every goodness in the world that is what you need to always keep in mind. You deserve to be happy, you deserve to be beautiful. You deserve to live happily, no one can dictate your happiness other than yourself. Condition your kind that you deserve to be happy, thus no one should let you down.

Keep a watch on what you drink

Never just consume any liquid just because you are thirsty. You know that alcohol, sodas and anything of the same content will never give you a fit body. Set your mind so that contentment is enough with water, healthy fruit juices. Condition yourself that those beverages that are good enough to thirst your quench. You do not need alcohol to socialize and be happy, all you need is something that you can sip in your glass, be it water or fresh healthy fruit juices, and a good talk.

Develop an "identity-based" goal

Embrace your individuality, never copy someone else. You can never be them and the good news is, they can never be you. Be true to yourself, never imitate anyone just because you thought they are better. Make your own identity and make sure that, that identity has no influence from anyone, it should all be coming from you and just you. You hold your life, you hold your happiness and no one knows you better than yourself, so why copy from others?

Change your lifestyle in small steps

Never gamble on drastic changes, this will never help you at all. One, forcing yourself to do things because you are obliged to will never be effective and will just lead you going back to your old ways. Second, drastic changes will not be true. Changes should happen in small steps and slowly. Acceptance should never be rushed, same as with changes. Embrace every step of the changes you plan on your usual lifestyle, itís not easy but if taken at the right pace, it will come easy.

Overcome "stinking thinking"

Release all the negatives you have in mind, it will not just make you genuinely happy. Do not entertain negative thoughts may it be for others or yourself. It won't help you at all. Do not act negatively especially towards all your efforts. Negative thought, negative emotions, even negative people, try to never entertain them, it won't give you any good at all.  Stop, stop, stop all the negatives, and turn them to positive. It is all in the mind.

Plan your workout moments

Plan and schedule your workout and you need to stick to it. Never miss your planned workout. You may be busy with a lot of things but that should not stop you from doing your regular workouts. Itís all about prioritizing and right scheduling. There is no such word as too busy, as long as you are focused with your goal, you should not be giving yourself any excuses at all.

Enjoy quiet time

One of the best ways to relax your mind and soul is to enjoy quiet time. A moment of silence can give you a lot of relaxation and can release stress, anxiety and the like. Try to isolate yourself from the usual noise you hear and experience on your everyday lives. You have no idea how things can change with a little moment of silence. Enjoy quiet time.

Change all your passwords to a positive affirmation

Why not? Changing all your passwords to positive affirmations, happiness, success and other words, can remind you of how good life can be. Use these words as your password, thus all the time when you key in your password, be it on your Facebook account or office email or computer, you will be reminded how life can be better by just staying positive.

Everything will start from within - happiness, getting fit and staying positive. It is all in the mind; let your mind be conditioned in a way that you can appreciate life more. Seek help from a dieting professional, to help you achieve your goals.

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