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Leg Workout For Rollerblading

How to strengthen your legs with weight machine exercises and get them strong and in shape for the first time that you go rollerblading.

As I begin to write this article about how you can get in shape for the first time that you do go rollerblading this spring, it is snowing a lot outside and very cold here and the same happens to be true in many other parts of North America and around the world. Yet spring is not too far away and you should be thinking about doing exercises to strengthen your legs and working out your cardiovascular system for when you do go rollerblading for the first time of the year. By preparing ahead of time and focusing on strengthening your leg muscles you will not suffer from a lot of or any leg soreness the next day.

Leg Strengthening Exercises

You can do these types of exercises at the gym or some of them in your home using free weights, machines or your natural body weight. I prefer to use weight machines. I prefer to workout at the gym which happens to have some excellent Hammer Strength and LifeFitness machines.

Four basic exercises that I recommend that you do that will get your legs strong and in shape for inline skating are:
  • Leg Press Machine (on a 45 degree angled machine) – main emphasis are the quadriceps, but also works out the hamstring, glutes and partially the calf muscles.
  • Leg Extension Machine which isolates and stresses the quadriceps muscles.
  • Standing Calf Raise Machine - a basic calf exercise that is excellent for working out the muscles in your lower legs especially the gastrocnemius. This can even be done at home on stairs using your own body weight.
  • Glute Machine from LifeFitness. I like to call it the full-leg workout on 1 machine because it not only works your glutes but it also works your entire leg muscles.
You can also incorporate lunges and hamstring curls to your leg workouts but I do not.

The 4 exercises that I have mentioned when done properly will hit all the muscles that you use while rollerblading especially if you do not have the time or inclination to do the other leg exercises.

Cardiovascular Exercise

The best exercise to stay in shape for inline skating during the winter months is of course ice skating but if you live in a warmer climate or you do not have the time to ice skate or hate the cold, any other type of cardio exercise like running or using exercise machines will do the job.

If you plan ahead and do all these above-mentioned exercises, your legs will be strong and not susceptible to soreness after your first time out on your rollerblades. Also, remember to stretch after rollerblading and I also I recommend that you do leg weight training exercise all year round. In this manner your legs stay strong and you can pick up the leg workout pace two to three months before the beginning of rollerblading season.

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