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Learn Pilates - Pilates Basics

Pilates refers to a physical fitness system which was developed by Joseph Pilates in early 20th century. The system became first popular in UK, Germany and USA. Pilates is now practiced worldwide and it continues to grow in appeal for amateurs, athletes, people looking to stay healthy and in shape as well as for people who are looking to lose weight.

Joseph gave the name ‘controlling’ to this system since he believed that this method uses mind to control the muscles. The aim of this system is to increase flexibility, strength and have better control over the body.

About Pilates

Originally, the Pilates system was developed as mat exercises but later Pilates introduced the use of different apparatuses. Using a range of apparatuses which are meant at guiding and training the body, the Pilates system tries to develop controlled movement from a strong core.

Every apparatus is used for its own range of exercises. Most of the exercises which are done with the Pilates apparatus involve resistance training since the springs are used to provide for additional resistance. The use of springs results in so called progressive resistance which means that the resistance keeps on increasing as the spring is stretched. The most common of all Pilate’s apparatus is the Reformer. The other apparatus includes Cadillac, the Wanda chair, the high chair, the ladder barrel, the step barrel and the baby chair. There are also apparatus which are not used so frequently like Magic Circle, Guillotine Tower, Foot corrector and the Peri-pole.

Daily Exercise Plan

Pilate exercises are extensive. It is wise to start with some basic exercises for the beginners. You can make a daily exercise plan for yourself and then stick to it. Later when you have mastered the basics, you can go for the more advance exercises. You can find information and procedure of hundreds of free Pilates exercises on the web.

Of course, it is always advisable for you to begin any Pilates program under the guidance of an expert. You can also buy high quality Pilates DVDs with full Pilates workouts and instruction that you can work out along with the instructor. The quality DVDs have instructors who are professional and will instruct you on how to perform each Pilates exercise safely and effectively so that you get the most benefit from each exercise.

Here, just for guidance, we are providing some information on some exercises that you can start with as a beginner:
  1. Warm up exercises: These exercises are extremely important to start with. They are like the foundation. You can practice Imprinting, Arm reach and pull, pelvic curl, Swan prep, Wall roll down etc. You don’t have to do all of them, but you should definitely choose 2 to 3 out of them and practice them religiously as warm-up exercises.
  2. Chest Lift.
  3. The Hundred.
  4.  The Roll up.
  5. One Leg Circle.
  6. Rolling Like a Ball.
  7. Open Leg Balance.
  8. The Side Kick Series.
These exercises, if practiced regularly, will keep your body fit and your mind healthy.

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