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International Fitness Week

International fitness week runs from the 11th of March and is a global initiative to raise awareness of keeping fit and being healthy. The International fitness week campaign is powered by Fitness First, the world’s largest health club group with over 1 million members, and aims to help people discover what fitness regime and activities work best for them. This not only is great for those who are interested in trying to get fit for the first time but can also fantastic for regulars who wish to try some new activities, which can be a real benefit.

The human body is very good at adapting to any exercise or strenuous activity that we perform in a routine, as we repeat this routine over and over again our body’s adapt and once the adapting has begun the returns will be smaller and less noticeable, as our bodies are most resistant to change, adjustments made to our training will see more of a return. Similarly our minds can become less stimulated by a repetitive routine and as it’s our minds that motivate us it is important to introduce ourselves to new and exciting activities that keep us interested.

The campaign sees Fitness First and many other companies offering special prizes on sports games, sports giveaways and sports-related gifts like free gyms passes and sports equipment. The event is being launched by double Olympic Gold medallist and 9 x World Champion cyclist Victoria Pendleton.

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