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How to Get Bigger Arms

If a survey was conducted amongst men and they were asked the one dream about their body that they would like to fulfill, the popular answer would be to get bigger arms. It’s true that having good biceps and big arms is every man’s fantasy. Looking physically well built and being fit is on the minds of most people as fitness is really important for the well being and health of a person. Physical fitness does not only reduce the risk of getting several types of chronic diseases but also ensures the overall satisfaction and even happiness of most people. Therefore it is important for everyone to pay attention to their health and make sure that all their activities and actions are in favor of being fit and healthy.

When it comes to men, being fit is having a good body, well toned arms, a nice chest and fully developed abs.  It is not uncommon to see men sweating it out in the gym to get bigger arms as big arms help in boosting the self esteem of the men and makes them feel stronger and much more confident. Working on the arms may mean working on biceps, triceps and even forearms. Triceps account for about 70% of the total arm size and hence they are generally considered very important for all those who are into building bigger arms. In fact the fitness experts always insist on working more on triceps than the biceps.

If you are someone who is interested in working on the biceps and making them look big then you can concentrate upon doing close grip bench press and weighted dips etc. Weighted chin ups and weighted close grip chin ups are the other two exercises that must be performed by all those who wish to build their biceps.  Some of the other ways to work out on the biceps include doing heavy rowing or pulling exercises, performing different types of bicep curls such as barbell curls, drag curls or chair curls and working more on the brachialis muscles which are present in the region between the biceps and the triceps. These ways will surely ensure that you will get big biceps which would be the cause of envy of many.

Many people like to work on their biceps as well as the brachialis at the same time. To do so, the best way is to either do parallel pull-ups with palms lining each other or do hammer curls which are done by cladding the arms, or both. Forearms are another area of the arms which is important to concentrate upon if you want all the areas of the arms to look well built and worked out. There are several exercises which are especially meant for building bigger forearms. Some of these include heavy wrist rollers for sets, 5 to 7 farmers walk for 200 to 1000 yards, wrist curls for 3 to 5 sets, and reverse wrist curls for 8 to 20 sets, and hammer curls and reverse curls.

It is important to know that one cannot build bigger arms overnight as this process takes a long time. The more you work, the better your arms will get but everything has a certain pace of building up and so do the arms. It is not advisable to work out on the arms beyond a certain time or hours. But in case you are someone who wishes to grow your arms quickly, then you can increase the load on biceps and triceps and pay a lot of attention to the triceps area because when the triceps get built, then the whole appearance of the arms improves. Apart from these points, you can also include close grips during the workout program and carry out heavy lifts as well to grow your arms quickly.

Progressions and building the tempo play a very vital role as far as building of arms is concerned. You must keep in mind that putting extra load on your arms from the very beginning is not such a good idea and might result in hurting you in more way than one. Rather, arm exercise routines must be performed with progression from one workout session to the next. You can add weight with every workout sessions and slowly increase the amount of your workout session. It is advisable that all these arm related exercises and other workout sessions must be done under the eye of an experienced and expert trainer and improvements and changes must be noted down from time to time as a part of self monitoring.

Article by Men's Fitness Tips.

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