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Inexpensive Home Gym Equipment that Works the Entire Body

These days, there is a lot of home fitness equipment on the market. Each piece seems designed to work a specific muscle group or a specific muscle in a group. But buying machine after machine to work out your entire body can get expensive, not to mention taking up a whole lot of space in your house. So, are there really any inexpensive home fitness equipment systems that work out the entire body? If so, what are they and are they affordable?

Resistance Training on a Budget

Some of the best fitness equipment is actually available at a pretty fair price. Resistance bands can do a whole lot to work out your entire body, especially if you combine them with something like the Xergym door attachment so that you have an anchor. The GoFit Band Kit is a good option, allowing you to have resistance bands for many different levels of resistance, which means that you can work out arms, legs, back, shoulders and more, and it can be used by different people who have different resistance needs.

Work Out Your Abs for Pennies

For abdominal workouts, you can use tools like exercise balls. Many come with DVD’s so that you can make sure that you are doing the exercises right. You should choose the right stability ball for your particularly height so that you will get both a safe and effective workout. The Firm Core Stability Ball kit is a good bet for a beginning workout. Not only does it come with a workout DVD so that you can see what exercises you should be doing, it also comes with a pump so that you can store your stability ball away when you aren’t using it and not take up much space.

Do Cardio for Less Money and Burn More Calories

If you want a great cardio workout on a budget, you can burn an incredible 10 calories per minute with the Spri Speed Rope. This nine-foot rope is long enough not to get tangled up while you jump and sweat and it is incredibly affordable at just six bucks. If you weigh more than the average person, you’ll burn even more calories, and this can be one of the best cardio workouts that you’ll ever do.

The Super-Secret, Inexpensive Tool of Celebs and Regular People

The Easy Glide and rowing machines available are some of the best fitness machines on the market, but what if you can’t afford the price tag on these, which range from a couple hundred to more than a thousand dollars. A little known secret is that a $4 pair of furniture gliders will work out the same muscles as these machines and do the job almost as effectively.

Remember to check out how gliding and rowing exercises are done before you begin and set up safeguards so that you don’t overextend your body and hurt yourself. But with a little practice, using furniture gliders will be the best workout you’ve ever done.

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