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Exercise Workout Equipment and Productivity - What Is the Connection?

What would happen if simple exercise workout equipment such as ellipticals were considered essential for living and your health, rather than optional? What would happen if the business world placed more emphasis on health and fitness in the workplace? Despite what many people realize, productivity levels at work would skyrocket and businesses would be far more efficient and successful than ever before!

It is a sad fact that thousands of people are going to die at an early age this year from heart attack and stroke. Thousands more are going to be diagnosed with diabetes, sleep apnea, and other medical conditions that take thousands of lives each year. The suffering of most people comes from years of making bad lifestyle decisions. That could be ended if more emphasis were placed on health and fitness in our daily lives.

So many people drive home from work day after day and collapse in their living rooms with junk food and a remote control. You have probably had your share of those depressing evenings where you just wanted to sink into the couch and forget your own life, right? What if that could be a thing of the past as well because your body was bursting with energy and you just wanted to get out and enjoy life?

How would your world change if you were actively enjoying life every night of the week? If you have children, how could your family life change and how could your bonds with the children deepen if you were doing active, fun things with them all the time? Things would definitely change, and not only for your personal life. Your professional life would change for the better as well.

A healthy body maintaining a healthy weight is capable of getting more done in a single day than a body that has no energy and is weighed down by excess stored fat. Someone consuming healthy, nutrient-dense foods and exercising regularly will be clearer in mind and more mentally focused, which allows them to outperform those who are sluggish and unfocused due to poor lifestyle choices.

Productivity and success increases with a focus on health and fitness. There is no one disputing that fact!

That line of ellipticals in your local gym is more than just an option for burning off some stress. Those machines give you an option for changing your entire life!

Following the Rules

The human body needs a few things in order to sustain the physical demands for energy placed upon it day after day. The human brain needs the same things in order to remain alert and focused throughout the day. You put a lot of demand on your muscles, your organs, and your brain every single day. What can you do to help them focus and outperform everyone else so you come out on top?

No matter who you are or what you need to be more productive to achieve each day, here is what your body and brain need to focus and perform so you achieve more:

1. Calories delivered consistently throughout the day. These calories will be turned into energy so you have the fuel to meet the demands of your busy lifestyle.

2. Protein, healthy fats, vitamins, minerals, and many other nutrients delivered every single day in adequate amounts. Your body needs these things to function, and that includes focusing the brain and communicating effectively between the body and the brain. Even the metabolism stops functioning properly if this demand is not met consistently.

3. Daily movement and challenging exercise sessions on a regular basis. When the human body remains motionless for too long, it starts to die. It becomes obese. The muscles start to erode. The joints pop, ache, and freeze up. Obviously, our bodies were made for activity and challenge.

If these three needs are not met each day, you will not focus and think as clearly and you will struggle to maintain energy levels sufficient for your daily life. There are differences between one person and another, but these three basic requirements are the same for all of us today.

Why Is Health Not a Priority Today?

On some level, most people want to be healthy. At the very least, women want to wear the most stylish clothing and look their best and men want to feel manly and attractive to others. We all have this basic need to be our best, yet the majority of people do not place an emphasis on the things that would deliver their very best. Of course, that would be a healthy diet and regular exercise with an active lifestyle.

Most people live on diets today, but very few are able to maintain their weight. Most adults spend thousands of dollars on diet foods and exercise equipment, but very few actually eat those foods on a routine basis and use the equipment. The focus of the modern world just is not on health and fitness. Our productivity levels and achieved successes are suffering as a result!

You probably know what the afternoon slump is, but how do you usually handle it? With a nap or a trip to the vending machine? If so, you are like so many other people today. What about feeling completely exhausted and without energy when you first wake up in the morning? You may be suffering from sleep apnea which is very common for the obese today.

How focused are you throughout your day? Do you get as much work done as possible, or do you know that you spend too much time daydreaming, trying to get organized, or just dazing off when you should be listening to others?

Your answers to these questions tell you whether you are meeting the basic needs of your body or not at this point in your life. If you are unfocused or feel you are far from being efficient, then it may be time to put more of a focus on health and fitness in your daily life.

Common Lifestyle Sins

There are some behaviors that are very common today, but which wreak havoc inside your body and hold you back from focusing and being productive. What about skipping meals - so you cut calories or just because you don’t have time to eat? You are not providing the calories your body needs to create energy or the nutrients needed for focus and optimal functioning.

Do you stay up all night long? If so, your sleeping habits are standing in the way of your productivity during the day. You should wake up refreshed and ready to tackle your goals. If that is not the case, then your body is sending you a signal that you are not focusing on its needs enough.

Give your body what it needs, and your world will be a much happier, energetic and productive place. With proper focus on health and nutrition, the world could be a much better place!

About the Author:
Joel recently undertook an assignment at an altitude of 16,000 feet above sea level. While the experience was tiring in general, he realized that he didn’t get as much havoc as most of his colleagues. The reason? His good physical condition. For the last two years he discovered the health benefits of a walking routine. He created a site where he shares information on elliptical machines which, he claims, will help people who want to exercise but can’t go out for a walk.

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