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How An Exercise Ball Can Sculpt Your Abs

Abdominal crunches with the use of an exercise ball (fitness ball) can further isolate the activity in your abdominals, giving you a more effective ab sculpting workout. Another thing is that exercise balls can be fun, eliminating the monotony of just doing regular crunches and it can improve your balance and core.

Be sure to perform your stretching and warm-ups before you do this exercise.

Sit on the exercise ball and carefully roll it forward until you are in a reclining position. Your torso, neck and head should be kept in a straight line as you place your hands behind your head without locking them together. As you roll forward, feel your muscles stretching. Your back should be resting on the ball, particularly your lower back. Your torso must be in alignment with your head. Your glutes should hang freely off the floor with your pelvis tilted slightly upward and your legs supporting your weight. Feet should be planted firmly on the floor placed shoulder’s breadth apart. Your knees should form a 90-degree angle that is to be maintained throughout the exercise. Remember this as your starting position.

Exhale as you crunch your torso forward with the use of your abdominals. Maintain the straight line of your head and torso at all times, and do not roll your shoulders and chest forward. Continue until your upper back is off the ball and your lower back still planted down firmly. Do not roll the ball forward as you do this. Hold the position for a second before going slowly back to starting position while still maintaining the contraction.

Repeat with the recommended number of reps and sets.

If you are not sure about your balance on the ball, have a spotter stay with you throughout the entire exercise. Do not rush the execution for it is better that you do the exercise slowly with proper form rather than going through it quickly and risk getting injured.

Using the exercise ball correctly will create far better results in your core workouts. An exercise ball is more than just a toy for your kids. An exercise ball can be a very powerful workout tool when it is used and used properly.

Jerry Nelson.

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