Bosu Ball Exercise Benefits Article
by Peter Kudlacz


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There are many exercise benefits as a result of using the Bosu Ball. This is just an introductory article to exercising using a Bosu Ball. If you are unsure what a Bosu Ball is, well it's an exercise ball basically cut in half. You can see photos of various types on this webpage below.

Also, the Bosu Ball is the only type of exercise equipment that I encourage that you use or at least try once in awhile to vary your workouts, especially if you are doing sport-specific training. You can use it at the gym, home or even office. Most quality gyms come equipped with this piece of equipment.

Normally, I don’t use most of the new types of equipment that are out there. There so many exercise gadgets out there and most I find are either useless or a waste of your money. I find that by using free weights, exercise machines and doing floor exercises and cardio exercises (i.e., inline skating) my exercise workouts provides me with the fitness results that I desire. Although, the Bosu Ball is one type of exercise equipment that I have incorporated into my workout routine and that I do highly recommend!

Ideal Exercises

There are many exercises that you can be done using the Bosu Ball. I prefer that you focus on exercises that target your legs and upper body either as solo leg exercises or by combining a leg exercise with an upper body exercise using free weights. Almost any exercise done with free weight or machines can be duplicated on a Bosu Ball. The only difference is that you’ll definitely have to lower the heaviness of the weights. Also, the Bosu Ball is especially great if you are short on time at the gym or at home.

You can also use the Bosu Ball for an entire cardiovascular or aerobic class-style workout.

Many people like to do their your abdominal workouts on the Bosu Ball but I prefer doing my abs on the floor and not using any type of equipment because it offers me greater resistance due to the natural forces of gravity when you are lying on the floor.

Method of Use

The Bosu Ball can be used either by lying on the floor on the flat side or on the oval side. Whether you place the bosu ball on the flat side or on the oval side will require strength to maintain your balance on it. Therefore if you are using it for the first time I highly recommend that you start with the flat side on the floor and that you work out with a partner. They can act as a spotter for you by holding you at your waist so that you can get an initial feel for how to balance yourself and feel comfortable with this piece of equipment. If you are going to workout by yourself, I recommend that you first try to get a feel for the equipment and get a sense of balance for it i.e., being able to stand on the ball with your knees bent a little. I don’t recommend this piece of equipment for people who are new to the gym.

Once you are balanced, try doing individual leg exercises. Once your legs feel stronger and you are comfortably balanced, you can combine various upper body free weight exercises on the Bosu Ball. Begin with light weights and work your way up. You can do a variety of exercises for your chest, back and especially shoulders using free weight on the Bosu Ball.

So what are the exercise benefits of the Bosu Ball?

  • Helps to strengthen your lower body, more specifically your leg muscles, lower back and glutes.
  • Helps you to achieve amazing balance.
  • Especially useful for sport-specific training that requires a lot of balance and lower body strength.
  • Helps build endurance and great for cardio.
  • Depending on the types of exercises that you do it can be great for toning, strengthening and building muscle, to a much smaller degree. For people who are into bodybuilding, or serious bodybuilding I do not feel that the Bosu Ball will increase muscle size and mass but it can help you tone problem areas.

Once you feel confident on the Bosu Ball, you may want to turn it around and have the oval side lying on the floor. Working out this way on this piece of equipment is more challenging since the Bosu Ball is touching less surface area of the floor and consequently requires more focus and balance on your part.

So give the Bosu Ball a try. You may like this piece of equipment.

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