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Acceleration Training through Whole Body Vibration Training

By generating instability in the body, acceleration training operates and requires the human body to perform reflexive muscle responses. These contractions must work in numerous dimensions, as the Power Plate machines actually move back and forth in all three directions, exactly as the human body is intended to do.

Ultimately, one can improve functional force including strength, power and stability, by either applying greater acceleration or mass to the body.

Several forms of training and conditioning utilize mass, as commonly seen in methods with free weights, barbells and weight machines. Full body vibration machines, by contrast, use the subsequent half of the law of motion: they apply acceleration to the body while mass remains unchanged.

The result is that you exert against a much greater force of gravity in every individual movement you enact. Whole body vibration machines are a fantastic alternative for those who benefit from an active lifestyle, but lack the time to perform daily fitness routines.

There are a vast number of different brands/products, but some stand out amongst the rest. One of the most popular on the market is the I-Shape, which comes in a multitude of models including the TVR-5900, TVR-5930 and TVR-8500. Also, individual shake weights (D1) are produced by I-shape.

Mentioned as “fitness gadgets of the future” by cnet.com, the major I-shape models, specifically the 8500, are meant to improve stability, strength and power. It’s a very affective machine for any athlete looking to improve acceleration and/or explosive power.  Powerplate has quite a few popular models; these include the my3, 5 and 7 models, all of which can be found at major retailers.

my5 vibration Powerplate machine

Not to sound advertorial, but the Powerplate my3 is the trimmest, most economical way to bring acceleration training into any house.
With a preliminary frequency of 35Hz and 30 or 60-second time selections, it offers a big transformation from a compact plate design. No matter how demanding your schedule, you should certainly be able to find room in your life for three 30-minute full-body workout 3x a week on the my3 machine. This goes for both the my5 and my7 models.

By using any of these products regularly, a football player may find himself making monster hits. Similarly, shotgun runners may look forward to increased acceleration upon launch. These are very basic examples of how vibration machines can increase acceleration and force, two very important variables in any athlete’s career.

However, there are a handful of arguments against whole body vibration training for results like weight loss. Although, clinical studies have proven whole body vibration training may definitely have a spot in an average fitness schedule.

Studies have found that whole body vibration training can result in some of the following:
  • Boosted bone mineral density in postmenopausal women
  • Improved muscle strength in elderly adults and women who have knee osteoarthritis
  • Improved balance in elderly women
Most studies show a general increase in blood flow (circulatory system) and stability. Other results varied, but mostly yielded increased muscle strength, particularly for those suffering from ailments or in physical therapy. So, if you’re interested in perhaps dropping a few pounds, or simply wish to get your cardio in, treadmills or ellipticals may be the way to go.  Similarly, many folks have invested in home gyms to exercise for strength and endurance. Still, spending money on a gym membership to use whole body vibration training equipment certainly proves beneficial.

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