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5 Secrets to Get Absolute Core Strength for 2018

Men and women are trying everything to get a six-pack. But sometimes, even with a diet, a serious workout routine and spending long hours in the gym, our abdominal muscles refuse to reveal themselves.

Every fitness enthusiast wants a flat stomach, and if you’re one of them, the chances are that you just haven't done the right things till now. Exercising day and night isn't going to help you have a proper set of hard abs, but some key activities will.

Take a look at the best 5 tips for finally having a flat stomach and a six-pack that will turn heads when you walk down the street!

1. Carbs are your friends

It's possible that when you've started the diet, people have told you to forget about carbs. Even though fewer carbs have made you lose weight, now is the time to reintroduce them into your diet.

You won't be able to build muscle mass without carbohydrates. These nutrients are the key ingredients to well-developed muscles, so stop being afraid of getting fat again and get reacquainted with carbs.

Maintaining a balanced diet is necessary for everybody, but especially for people who are active and athletic. If you don't provide the body with what it needs, then how will it do its job?

A healthy dose of carbohydrates won't make you gain weight but will help you build muscle mass. Without strong muscles, you'll never have that awesome six-pack you've always wanted but only saw in magazines.

Besides potentiating insulin, carbs will give you energy and partition nutrients. These combined are responsible for creating bigger muscle tissue. Proteins and carbs should be taken in a 2:1 ratio.

Start slow if you've forgotten how carbs taste like. Eat some veggies with grilled salmon, chicken breast or a vegetable omelet.

2. Avoid using flexor muscles while working out

During many types of abdominal exercises, we actually use our back and hip muscles. By doing this, we avoid putting to work out abdominal ones, so it's no wonder that results are failing to make an appearance.

Although most people tend to put pressure on their bodies and increase their endurance by doing more and more exercises, the solution is to think harder about contracting your abdomen while working out.

It sounds easier than it is, though. Being aware that you have to contract that specific group of muscles, instead of using your whole body to do an exercise is harder than it seems.

Start by paying attention to what muscle groups you use the most and then try to reduce the utilization of the hip flexors in favor of the abdominal muscles.

Working out a lot is good, but working out without thinking about what you want to accomplish won't help you progress or better your performance.

Expanding and strengthening your hip flexors too much will have the undesired effect of a pooch belly instead of a flat stomach, so accentuate your abdomen by concentrating on those muscles over there.

3. Crunches aren't always that great

Crunches are meant to toughen up your abs, but they also increase the pressure put on your back and basically, they'll never help you get rid of the fat that surrounds your stomach. It's like working on something that you can't see.

There are more effective exercise that will get rid of the fat on your belly and tone the lower part of your abs. Try a few of these exercises for better results:
  • Double Leg Lifts
By accentuating the movement of the lower belly, your core strength will increase. Do 10 to 15 reps by laying on your back with your hands placed beneath your back. Lift both legs at the same time and lower them, but if you're also starting to move your back, take it down a notch and repeat.
  • Burpees
Inserting cardio exercises when working out your abdominal muscles will get you faster results. Instead of focusing solely on your belly, do this move 15 times: from a standing position, jump down and place your hands on the ground, then extend your legs so you'll get in a pushup position.
  • Hip Twists
It's no surprise that we lose weight when we're working hard. Our heart rate spikes and we sweat. So begin by placing your elbows on the ground, in a plank position. Twist the left hip until you're almost touching the ground, then return to position and repeat the movement with your right hip.
  • High-Intensity Interval Training
This type of workout relies on intense training sessions with very short brakes in between exercises. Sprinting is one of the best choices when you want a flatter stomach, so involve yourself in serious High-Intensity Interval Training and get closer to your six pack.
4. Cardio can take a break

Usually, all exercises will help you get in shape, but too much of a single thing will backfire and have the opposite effect. Sometimes, it is recommended to put cardio aside and concentrate on your muscles (if you're looking for a top-shape stomach).

If you've already reduced your weight and are fairly lean, build your stomach muscles and do exercises without switching to cardio every time.

Cardio exercises can actually put a stop on your advancement towards a six pack by breaking down muscles instead of helping you out.
Also, watch your calorie intake carefully. Too much of it will gain you weight, while too little won't be enough to infuse and grow muscles.

5. There are differences between a man’s and woman’s anatomy

Whether we like it or not, women and men store fat differently, which requires other types of exercises to get rid of that abdominal fat. The worse news is that women will have to work twice as hard to show their six pack because the muscle groups aren't as exposed and on the surface, like men's are.

The result will be more difficult to see, and it will take women more time to discover their well-defined abdominal muscles. Still, once you'll get started and see some results, I promise you'll get the boost of confidence to keep you going.

All from hormonal fluctuations to the reproductive system makes women more sensitive, so instead of giving up and quitting, work out harder and smarter too.

Keep in mind all of these secrets next time you go to the gym and also remember that each of us is different, so you may have a tougher time getting flat abs, but give yourself credit for your thighs, arms and strength. If you are having a hard time keeping yourself motivated, take a look at
how to motivate yourself to work out’ to stay motivated, fit and healthy!

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